Welcome to our new Priest-in-Charge!

Church of the Nativity is pleased to welcome our new Priest-in-Charge, The Rev. Lauren RE Larkin.  Rev. Lauren  is an ordained Episcopal priest, and comes to us along with her partner and three children.   Rev. Lauren is also a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen working in systematic theology and political ethics with Dr. Michael Laffin

Greetings to the beloved congregation of The Church of the Nativity.

I’m Lauren R. E. Larkin, and I am honored and humbled to be your called Priest-in-Charge. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to introduce myself to you.

First, my partner, Daniel, and I have been married for 15 years. Together we have three children: Daniel J. Larkin V (“Quinn”) who is (almost) 14, Jackson H. L. Larkin (“Jack”) who is 12, and Elizabeth K. Larkin (“Liza”) who is 7. They are in 8th, 7th, and 1st grades respectively.

We recently moved (back) to Grand Junction after spending three years in deep south Louisiana. While there, I served principally as a teacher of World Religions and Theology at the High School of an Episcopal private school. I had the honor of teaching 8th, 11th, and 12th graders early Christianity, World Religions, and Credo (a class designed to examine what one believes and why). I also spent time assisting and learning about clerical ministry at the church associated with the school. Here I learned and grew as a preacher and teacher.

Academically, I have a Master of Divinity, a Master of Sacred Theology, and I am currently working on a PhD in systematic theology and political ethics through the University of Aberdeen’s part-time/long-distance program.

I’m excited to be called and to feel called to walk with the beloved congregation of The Church of the Nativity. Something that is very important to me and is the backbone of both my theology and pastoral ministry is personal and intentional relationship. It’s this personal and intentional relationship where we are encountered by God in the event of faith, it is how we show up for each other in word and deed, and how we engage the world locally in our posture and politic. After my many conversations with the search committee and members of the vestry, it was clear to me that the Church of the Nativity prioritizes this type of life giving, other-loving relationship. I saw this in the visible way those I met with loved each other, the importance of Nativity’s social presence in the world, and the well-articulated concern for the well being of all of God’s good creation. And it’s something I experienced after we moved here from Pittsburgh in late 2014 when my family and I stopped in for worship early in 2015: we were not only greeted, we were welcomed and embraced. I believe the Church of the Nativity understands the deep human need for belonging.

As I said, I’m excited—very—to walk with you and to get to know you more and more during this season of community together. I’m honored and humbled to witness the divine movement in our lives of the God of love manifest in Jesus the Christ in whom we move and have our being by the power of the Holy spirit. I’m honored and humbled to walk this holy ground, this terra firma with you, the beloved congregation of the Church of the Nativity.