Priest-in-Charge Search

Priest-in-Charge Search Update August 22,  2020

The vestry and search committee spent the week of August 10th conducting the first round of interviews with the slate of candidates provided by the Bishop's office last month.  These interviews were all conducted via remote conferencing.  The interview team has scheduled a follow-up interview with one of the candidates in the very near future.  Brian Wiseman, Sr. Warden, says "We hope to be able to make a decision for our new priest-in-charge in the next several weeks." 

Priest-in-Charge Search Update July 11,  2020

Nativity's vestry and search committee met on July 9th with the Rev. Canon Vanessa Glass of the Office of the Bishop.  She presented a slate of candidates for consideration to assume the role of Priest-in-Charge at Nativity.  We are all excited about the candidates and are looking forward to meeting with them.
The timeline for the process is as follows:  In the next two weeks we will be developing questions for the virtual interviews, and discussing how those interviews will be organized.  On July 29th we will be conducting a mock interview that is being arranged by Canon Glass.  After this mock interview, we will schedule our first round of virtual interviews of the candidates. We plan on completing these interviews in the first part of August.  Following those, we hope to arrange an in-person visit with one or more of the candidates.  The details of this will be dependent on COVID restrictions so we do not have a firm plan for how this will work yet.
This will be a busy and exciting time for all of us.  I will keep you up to date as the process continues, and as there are more details to share.  If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the vestry members.
In Christ,
Brian Wiseman, Sr. Warden

Priest-in-Charge Search Update May 21,  2020

Nativity's vestry and search-related committees have been hard at work developing a Parish Profile incorporating results from February's survey.  The profile is complete and has been submitted to the Bishop's office, and from there will be posted to the national Office of Transitional Ministry.  The Office of the Bishop will screen candidates and  forward names to Nativity for consideration by mid- to late-summer.  An edited version of the profile is available here.  The vestry has selected the Priest-in-Charge search method, and our website has been updated to reflect that choice.  A Priest-in-Charge will serve Nativity much as a Rector would, and could potentially be called as Rector  if the search committee and vestry discern that to be the best choice for the parish.


Rector Search Update Feb 19, 2020

The next step in our search for a new Rector:   A parish-wide survey about how we want to shape Nativity in the future is going out by mail and email as of February 21st.   The vestry would like everyone (children and adults)  to participate in the survey, whether on paper, online, or in a small-group setting.  A small group discussion is scheduled for Sunday, March 1 at 11 AM - please sign up in the narthex if you prefer this option.  Please complete the survey using ONE of these methods, and turn it in by March 15th.

The survey results will be used to put the finishing touches on our parish profile, which will be shared with prospective priests.  If you have questions, please see Brian Wiseman, Sr. Warden. 

Rector Search Update Dec 27, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Nativity,

This is an update of where we are at the present time in our search for a new rector here at Nativity.

In the period immediately following Rev. Nature’s departure, the team of Rev. Belsky, Rev. Head and Deacon Shecter will serve as supply clergy. The worship services and programs will continue under their expert guidance. Our excellent staff, Christie Frank, Lynne Habberfield and Linda Jenks will maintain the day-to-day operations of the church with oversight from the vestry. The transition during this time will be as seamless as we can possibly make it.

The Parish Profile Committee has continued to review and update the profile that was created in 2006. They have made great progress in getting the document current with what Nativity is today. In the months following Rev. Nature’s departure we will be canvassing the congregation to gather information on what we are looking for in our new rector and how we see Nativity going forward in the future. This information will be incorporated into the Parish Profile. Once that is completed the document will be forwarded to the Colorado Diocesan Office and the search process will begin.

If you have concerns at any time, please contact one of your vestry members.

/s/ Brian Wiseman, Sr. Warden

The Rev. Nature Johnston has announced her upcoming retirement, effective February 1, 2020.  In the coming weeks Church of the Nativity's leaders will be gathering and sharing information about the rector search process.  Brian Wiseman, Sr. Warden, spoke to the parish on September 29th, when he gave an overview of the process using a PowerPoint presentation provided by the Diocese of Colorado.  That presentation is available here.